• Cultivating New Beginnings: Germinating vs. Cloning

    There are two different ways of growing cannabis namely, germination or cloning. Both of these methods differ from each other in terms of reliability, accessibility, and simplicity. Both of them have their advantages and disadvantages. The cultivators of cannabis can start growing in any one out of these two ways. They can either try germinating the seeds or use the cuttings of a mother plant. Both of these procedures can provide you with the same outcome.


    Some cultivators prefer the high speed of clones, while others prefer choosing the seeding method. This post is going to take you through a comparative study between them both and will help you in deciding which method you should choose. To know more about the main advantages and disadvantages of these two methods, continue reading this post till the end.


    What are the advantages of Germinating?


    For some cultivators, this technique is the purest way of cultivating weed. Mostly, those who are home cultivators from different parts of the world prefer starting their business with the help of seeds. That is because they are more convenient to use and don’t have any legal concerns. However, there are some other advantages of germinating mentioned below as follows:


    1. Easily accessible


    With the advent of the internet, a lot of things have become easier particularly the availability of cannabis seeds. In the present times, seeds can be easily ordered online from the best seed banks that ship to USA. Even in those countries where cannabis is considered illegal, cannabis seeds are completely safe to order and collect. Starting your business with seeds will make sure that you are on the safer side of the law.


    2. Breeding your strains


    Once you have gained expertise in the art of cultivating cannabis from seeds you can start with your strains. Breeding your favourite female seeds with a good quality male seed and you will have thousands of your home-grown seeds in the cultivating season. In simple words, you are not just creating your seed but you are creating your unique strain.


    The disadvantage of Germinating:


    The most significant drawback of cultivating cannabis by germination is that this process takes a lot of time. If you plant a seed, it can take a longer amount of time for the seed to properly germinate into a plant.

    What are the advantages of Cloning?

    Let us now take a look at the advantages of cloning:


    1. Time-saving


    If you choose the method of cloning, you need not wait for a seed to germinate and finally develop into a properly sized seed. You must know that this stage can be skipped. You can just try to root the cutting and you are ready with a new plant that can grow instantly.


    2. Female cuttings will only produce Female cuttings


    As because clones are precise copies, cuttings that are taken from a female mother plant make sure that they produce female plants only. This enables the cultivators to avoid the risks that come with germinating regular seeds.


    The disadvantage of cloning:


    One major disadvantage of cloning is that the clones are hard to find. You might find them easily but knowing their breed and conforming whether they belong to the breed that you want is a difficult task to do.

    This was all you need to know about germinating and cloning which are two very effective methods of cultivating cannabis and many other crops. Considering their pros and cons, you can choose whichever method suits you. However, both methods assure productive outcomes for you.